"Great Skincare Knows No Gender!"

Establishing the trademark for "Black Don't Crack" in 2014, Debra Hubbard transformed the iconic phrase from a mere descriptor of ageless skin to a powerful cultural movement. Drawing on her background as a former model and actress, Debra seamlessly transitioned into entrepreneurship, founding the acclaimed skincare brand. This brand not only reflects her commitment to timeless beauty but also serves as a testament to resilience and reinvention, encapsulating the belief that beauty transcends the boundaries of time.

Debra Hubbard

CEO & Founder

Christian Keyes, acclaimed as one of America's sought-after actors, has attained remarkable success with leading roles and currently serves as creator, executive producer and writer for the BET hit TV show, "All The Queens Men." From his time in front of the camera, Christian understands the significance of healthy and beautiful skin. Christian and Debra have been working on the skincare line for almost 5 years. Hiring chemists, picking ingredients, doing research and more for this joint venture with partner Debra Hubbard in the world of skincare

Christian Keyes


"Empower Your Skin"

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